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Halo 3 Statistics Tracking Utility

This free tool grabs statistics off of Bungie's website, archives it to the hard drive, and puts the information into a relational database. There are 25 reports, grid sorting is supported (and reflected in reports), multiple database support has been implemented (one for the clan, one for friends, etc), there's a clan-management report, a helpers & hurters report (which friends help you win, which drag you down), the program alerts you when there's new versions, and many more features.

06/11/2010 4:30PM
v1.2 Released
Just a few minor updates to ensure it continues to work with the latest gametypes. Enjoy! :)

01/29/2008 9:00PM
v1.1 Released
Well, I haven't been resting. I've heard your feedback, and have continued working on the tool. Please, continue to tell me how to make it better!

To get the tool, just click setup on the left. If you've already installed version 1.0, this setup will keep your data and install the new version.
  • Performance higher during download
  • Fixed a bug in the reports that calculated Wins incorrectly when someone dropped.
  • A few minor bug fixes
  • Players turn red if they had an error downloading the games list
  • Added support for monitoring when report files are changed, and automatically re-run the currently selected report. This is cool for writing new reports.
  • Prevented a report from re-running if it was under All Players and the player combo changed.
  • Added a retry attempt for players that turned red during download (whole players, not just individual errored games)
  • Updated the display on the download page to display > 24hours (I'm testing a 5000+ player database).
  • Fixed a bug where, if a user was playing while downloading and increased their page count mid-download, the download page would register an error.
  • Tweaked the download page to display more consistent coloration.
  • Added the ability to purge the cached files.
  • Simplified the menu system.
  • Fixed a consistently erroring condition where the user name was an empty string on Bungie.Net (like Game #201630791)
  • Oh.. yeah. I threw in an extra 40 averaging reports. :)

01/21/2008 5:00PM
I've had a couple of (unexpected :) emails asking if there was a way to donate. I brushed off my old account for Halo 2 Stats, and placed a button to the left in case anyone feels like supporting the tool. To give something back to those that want to donate, request a feature that you'd like implemented and I'll see what I can do for the next release!

And hey, no pressure! I did this to help out the community.

01/20/2008 6:10PM
For help...
Check out the forum. It has a quick-start guide and an application guide. I'll be adding more over this coming week. If you have any problems with the forum, or just want to ask questions directly, feel free to email me at

01/20/2008 3:00PM
I was hoping that someone else would create the parsing engine, and I could just add my signature reports to their database. But by the time Christmas break rolled around, there still wasn't a good solution out there. Cracking my knuckles, I sat down and whipped out a parsing engine over the weekend (one-tenth the time as the Halo 2 parser, one-half the code, and now multithreaded!). It took me another week to write the UI from scratch, and most of January to run through a beta test. But here you go!

I've also created a forum for discussion, and this time around the user-generated reports are even easier to share. Just drop the text file in the directory and you're off and running! 

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