PAX09 DS World Record Attempt!

At Penny Arcade eXpo, an attempt was made for the most people playing a DS in the same room. Here are the panoramas I took at that event...

 First, a few stitches of people showing of the DSs...
    5330x1270 (6MP)  |  

    Deep Zoom    4584x1118 (4MP)  |   9167x2236 (19MP)  |  

    2400x795 (1MP)  |   8010x2655 (20MP)  |  

    2048x794 (1MP)  |   6271x2434 (14MP)  |  

    2048x755 (1MP)  |   7662x2826 (20MP)  |  

Then, a few stitches of everyone heads-down and playing
    Deep Zoom    6682x536 (3MP)  |   10024x804 (7MP)  |   26730x2145 (54MP)  |  

    Deep Zoom    3600x405 (1MP)  |   6000x675 (3MP)  |   19443x2190 (40MP)  |  

    Deep Zoom    6382x700 (4MP)  |   19147x2099 (38MP)  |