PAX09 Panoramas

Here you'll find the large panoramas that I took at the Penny Arcade eXpo 2009.

Try viewing with the HDViewer or the smaller images before pulling up the larger ones. :)

You can find the DS World Record attempt panoramas here.

Gabe and Tycho's Q&A
    3332x1077 (3MP) 

Free Play Room
   HDView    6290x500 (2MP)  |   25158x1998 (47MP)    

Bioshock 2 Chalk Drawing in progress  
   1967x2478 (4MP)   

and... finished!
   1427x2048 (2MP)  |   6416x9208 (56MP) 

The 2K Bioshock 2 Booth... there's
something under the sea...

    Deep Zoom    3108x1236 (3MP)  |   8287x3297 (26MP)    

    HDView    3991x1060 (4MP)  |   7982x2119 (16MP)    

    4484x1482 (6MP)  |   8524x2573 (20MP)    

2K Booth for Mafia II
    4901x1213 (5MP)  |   13070x3235 (40MP)    

Wil Wheaton Speaks (and many listen)
    HDView    4780x998 (4MP)  |   9560x1997 (18MP)    

Sweet Kitty! They've been been a staple of every PAX

    Deep Zoom    2408x1310 (3MP)  |   4815x2620 (12MP)    
    2956x1444 (4MP)  |   8870x4332 (36MP)    

DSes waving at the concert
    3784x582 (2MP)  |   7568x1165 (8MP)    

Finally.... An interesting and seamless stitch mistake. Wil warped space-time itself. :)
    5458x1000 (5MP)