Semi-3D Viewer for Darkphibre's Photos

Yeah, it's a plain page. I use Notepad. :) Click here to go home.

Click here for the Windows MSI (fine for most), or the full Windows Setup.

In August of 2007, I attended the Penny Arcade Expo. Robert was kind enough to hook me up with the vendors, and I got some excellent "walk around" shots of the Halo 3 Limited Edition ActionClix Scarab and the BioShock Big Daddy statue.

After taking all these photos, an idea was knocking around my head to do something so that you could browse the images in something similar to three-dimensional space. The weekend before the Halo 3 launch, I finally decided I needed to hop up and do something. What you see is around 6 hours work, so be kind. :)

On the top you'll see three checkboxes:
Small and Medium You can keep Small or Medium checked as you navigate, and it will download that size image.
Large You can tap on the Large checkbox once you find a photo you desire more detail on, and it will start downloading the file and uncheck the box.
As you navigate, the largest photo previously downloaded will be displayed.

Recenter does what you expect.
1:1 resizes the image to "Actual Pixels" (no zoom).
Fit scales the image up to fit the available space.
+ zooms in.
- zooms out.
Home takes you back to the starting image.

The combo box on the right lets you select between the various collections. Right now there are two, but I may do more in the future and these will automatically be available.

You can use the middle scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out, and you can click and drag the image to pan it around.

I wish I could have done something in Flash or Silverlight, but given the time constraints I stuck with what I knew.

Let me know what you think! Tom Mathews (Darkphibre)

PS: I may need mirroring assistance. It takes around 100MB of file space, and who knows what the bandwidth will be... but I architected the viewer to support multiple mirrors of the content. Let me know if you can (honestly) help out, and I'll contact you if I need it (I've still got 200GB bandwidth for one week, it should be enough unless this gets Slashdotted/Wanged/Digged).

PPS: If you liked what you see, any donations to cover bandwidth costs would be appreciated. This is my first foray into hosting my full-resolution images for something potentially popular, so I'm not sure what the hit will be. Donate via Paypal:

They say these can pay the bills...